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Changing the Way We Do…

Shaina, I know I am biased, but I really do think this is an incredibly clever and creative Chanukah idea. It all ties together so well…Chanukah and the cumulative goals (just like the Chanukah candles). At first I thought, I … Continue reading

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Shaina’s Chanukah Cleanse

I’m in the process of setting up my own 8-day plan below. And to be honest, it’s a work in progress… so please send in your thoughts and suggestions! I’ve recognized that in my hectic life, it’s important for me … Continue reading

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8 Days of Victory

Dear Cleansers, We’re back at it – bringing you another healthy lifestyle challenge in the spirit of Chanukah. Chanukah commemorates the rebuilding of the second temple and reminds us of the power of small but mighty forces. When the Maccabees … Continue reading


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