8 Days of Victory

Dear Cleansers,
We’re back at it – bringing you another healthy lifestyle challenge in the spirit of Chanukah.

  • Chanukah commemorates the rebuilding of the second temple and reminds us of the power of small but mighty forces. When the Maccabees led a victorious revolt in the name of religious freedom against Antiochus’s oppressive regime, the second temple was liberated. The Jewish people fixed it up and made it pretty, but they didn’t have enough oil to keep the menorah flames burning. Their oil supply – enough for one day – lasted a whole eight days (the amount of time it takes to press new oil). Now we celebrate this miracle with eight crazy nights of Chanukah.

In the spirit of victory and the miraculous persistence of oil, we bring you the 8 Days of Victory.  This “Chanukah Cleanse,”  encourages each individual to set goals and conquer new food-related challenges during each night of Chanukah. The challenges are accumulative, building upon one another throughout the eight nights. So each rule accrues throughout the eight nights. Make sense? We will use the this domain to discuss ideas and reflect upon our activities.

Steps include:

1. Set healthy lifestyle intentions and goals
2. Prioritize goals and create plan
3. Implement plan during 8 days of Chanukah
4. Reflect in personal journal or community blog

The Chanukah cleanse requires self awareness (what do you need to change about your food habits to make YOU feel healthier?), prioritizing (what comes first? what is sustainable?), and goal setting. I know that these things don’t come naturally to every one… which is why the blog encourages participatory discussion and idea sharing.

The Chanukah cleanse is a perfect opportunity to test out-of-norm lifestyle habits for a short period of time and reflect upon how we feel about it. So join us – and try something new!


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