A question for cleaning your slate

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this to the public, but I recently read Danielle LaPorte’s, The Fire Starter Sessions. It’s a self-help book about success, with a spiritual edge. She just posted the below article – a great topic to consider during the cleanse.

A question for cleaning your slate.

From Danielle LaPorte

This is a big topic. Western self-help spirituality is great at getting us to identify our patterns and ‘isms’. After enough how-to books, workshops and therapy we can honorably say, “I’m neurotic because of my mother,” or “I’m a selfish because I didn’t get enough attention as a kid.” But identifying the source of your crap is only half the journey. The other half is composting it into something radically new. 

So, like, what if you CHANGED? Today. 

What would you be more of if you let go of the past?

Let’s say that a really cool Fairy Godmother appeared by your side right this second and said, “You are whatever you want to be from this day forward! We’ll just forget about all the times you were less than your best, and all the dark and brilliant ways that you’ve tried to love and be loved. And that one time you were a little bit nasty, let’s erase that from the record. And while we’re at it, we’ll forget about all the times you got bumped and bruised and neglected along the way.” It’s over. Free. Nothing to resent, nothing to be bitter about. Clean slate. Go. 

What would you be more of if you let go of the past?

What would you be more of if you let go of the past?

Send us your answers and we’ll post them here!!


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