I’m trying hard to feel the spiritual afterglow of eating only pure foods. It’s not really happening for me, but I’m trying to not work too hard on making the connection.

One thing that I’ve noticed is the lack of leftover packaging accumulated from meal preparation. Most of the food that I’m eating doesn’t come in plastic. I’m eating lots of fruits and veggies – last time I checked out at the grocery, by buggy looked ridiculous. It was overflowing with produce. Nothing but produce.

Eating things that don’t come in packages make me feel more connected to the earth, and more connected to the processes that happened in order to get the food on my table. When I buy a bag of pretzels, I don’t really think of the earth’s contribution to each pretzel. But when I wash the dirt off my kale leaves, I do think about the farm and farmers and all of their efforts. I think about the magical process of nutrients… how the earth produces vitamins and minerals, and feeds them into leaves that we feed into our bodies. From the dirt and into our veins. Creating a life force that I often underestimate when the food I consume is packaged, convenient… distant.

When I crunch on fresh fruits and veggies I feel more connected to the earth.


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