New Tastes, New Habits


[Roasting almonds for Cinnamon Almond Butter]

The cleanse is in full swing, and we hope you are feeling different, reflective. How is the cleanse changing your food experiences? Fruits might start tasting more sweet without the profusion of sugary desserts and cereals throughout the day. When shopping, many of the regular healthy grocery staples — dried cherries (that come with added sugar and preservatives,) a jar of pickles (with corn syrup in the brine) — might be surprisingly off limits for the cleanse. For these ten days, we have no choice but to engage our resourcefulness at the market. Thinking about where we buy our food can be helpful. Stocking the fridge with foods from nearby producers supports the local economy and is more likely to be cleanse-friendly. Maybe a neighbor has an herb garden and is willing to share. Use this time to form new habits, and keep a close watch on your readjusting taste buds.


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