Aarati’s Cheela

From Aarati:

Hey everyone,

I don’t really have a recipe for this but i want to strongly recommend cheela, or chickpea flour pancakes, as a really versatile, cleanse friendly meal.

At its most basic, you whisk up chickpea flour, water and salt to taste to a thin pouring consistency and cook it like you would a pancake. You can also chop up some veg to dump in there. I really like to toss in just chopped cilantro and chili powder but anything works. I’ve also done a variation where i poured in a little olive oil salt and pepper in the batter, and then sauteed some mushrooms and onions on the side to eat together.

ps. Aarati writes an amazing food blog from Kachchh, Gujarat at http://halbeandgaudin.wordpress.com/about/


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