Getting Ready

Dear Cleansers,

T-5 days! Are you ready? We start cleansing on the 15th.

I think I’ve gotten pretty good at being mindful about my health – physical and emotional. My goal for this New Year is to turn that effort outward. How do my actions impact people around me? People far away from me? How can I transform my daily gratitude into positive global change? It’s a big goal…  everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

The parameters of our 5776 cleanse align perfectly with my New Year goal. I’m excited for this new challenge, scared of failure… And I’m crossing my fingers really hard that we’ll raise a lot of $ for communities in need.

I can’t imagine that I’ll walk away from the cleanse without going $75-150 over the budget.

I’m going to miss: avocados, fresh spinach, blueberries, morning smoothies (is there a way I can still do this cost effectively?), good cocoa powder, nuts and seeds, arugula, organic yogurt, bringing snacks to friends … I could go on and on about the routine luxuries of my diet. I’m looking forward to: reinventing oatmeal, sprouting legumes, making big bean salads, buying imperfect veggies in bulk and spending hours cutting out the bad spots.

What are some of your hopes and fears? Recipe ideas? Please share and we’ll post to the blog!

Also, if you think any of your people, networks or communities are interested in joining the cleanse train, please send them the link to our blog and donation site! And send us email address so we can include them on this thread!

Shana Tova,


ps. if you’re in the Bay Area, come over for dinner


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