AG welcomes you to the 2015 cleanse

Hello Cleansers –

It’s good to be back! I’m so excited for our challenge to start next week. Every year we do this, it feels different. The first year, it was difficult to adhere to the cleanse. I didn’t know I had to prepare in advance, and I was scrambling. I was shocked by what foods were off limits – why is there sugar in my dried cherries?  Why does this jar of pickles have a paragraph of ingredients? Over the years, my experience of the cleanse has changed. I look forward to my taste buds becoming more sensitive, especially to sugar. If nothing else, the cleanse will heighten your fruit experience by day 7.

This year, Shaina and I are putting the cleanse in the context of the American experience with the budget challenge. Dried figs, raw buckwheat, coconut oil – my favorite odd foods are not accessible on the average SNAP budget of $4.10 a day. I’m a little nervous about how much over budget I will probably go, but this exercise will bring me and my buckwheat + coconut oil habits back to earth.

So, we start soon! Each year, we keep an open email thread with all of the participants and spectators who want to partake. We share stories, challenges, inspirations, questions, recipes. If you would like to be included in future emails during the cleanse (ending on September 23rd,)please let Shaina or myself know if you haven’t already. Your email won’t be hidden for these (bcc’d) and we don’t want any celebs on this list to be mad, so let us know.

A few more thoughts to prep:

–If you have a garden where you grow food or herbs, you don’t need to calculate these as an added cost to your recipes. Yes, we know maintaining a garden takes some cash money, but how complicated do you really want this thing to be?

–Breakfast idea: Puree together a roasted sweet potato and a baked apple or two with cinnamon. Mix in oats, chia, cinnamon, salt, and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds. Eat as a pudding or bake in the oven for breakfast cookies. Recipe to be posted on the blog shortly!

–Nuts are expensive. Seeds are cheap! Try pepitas or sunflower seeds if you’re worried about going over budget.

–If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of calculating all of your meal costs (I am,) try estimating just to be mindful. We’ve heard a good strategy is to do a large grocery shop at the beginning of the week, and divide the cost by how many meals you can turn that into. Donation page for going over budget: Here.

Let’s do this!



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