The Cleanse is on!

Thank you for joining the cleanse this year. I can’t wait to hear what you all are cooking, listen to riveting stories about food budgeting, and read about how your body and mind and soul feel during these cleansey days. I’m excited.

This year, the cleanse is coming at the perfect time — I need something to help me reflect, feel gratitude for abundance, and stretch my creativity in the kitchen. I just started grad school and am taking evening classes on top of my full time job. It’s been challenging to say “no” to a lot of what I had been taking for granted a month ago – sunset surfing, leisurely runs and hikes, reading for fun, staring out the window, morning surfing, and so on.

The cleanse awakens me from my stupor and reminds me how much FUN challenges can be. We’ll hear from Kitchens for Good soon, but keep them and the great work they do in mind as you budget.

I did some pre-cleanse shopping, and there were some luxury goods I couldn’t resist. Dried dates, some nuts, fresh herbs. Other than that, I shopped the margins and discounted items. Fresh produce in California grocery stores is cheaper and often more fresh than elsewhere in the US, so I will definitely have a different story to tell than those of you who are elsewhere.

Let us know how you’re doing! Please email recipes, photos, thoughts, excitements, to If you found a great budget strategy, we want to hear it. And we’ll post it for the group too.

We’ll keep sending our ideas and successes around too. I know Shaina posted some epic cleanse cookies below, but I made some matcha date pistachio truffles too. Here’s a pic of the green truffle on a green spoon. Remember that we have an amazing RECIPES page! You can check the breakfast I made for myself this morning here.




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