Kimmy’s inspiration

Thank you Shaina, Arielle, Aviva and KFG for the inspiration!

I agree with you Shaina—it has been much easier to have an “excuse” to avoid eating just anything in my path! Having RULES helps immensely. I think I’ll stick to most of the rules, most of the time after the 10 days (keeping my balance is key). This is my third year attempting the cleanse and I have grown a bit more will power and health-savvy each time.

Arielle’s buckwheat porridge has been the sweetness that has saved me from craving processed goodies & processed gluten. Dates are one of the ingredients I like to use in the recipe. Much to my joy, I discovered choice Medjool dates on sale for two dollars cheaper than usual. When I was checking out, the cashier rang them up at the usual pricey price. If I wasn’t tracking my food expenses so diligently for the cleanse, I may not have caught it and asked the cashier to double check.


I feel strong, clean and I have felt more energized since I’ve been eating clean. I’ve had much more endurance to run 3 mile jogs around my neighborhood, which used to tire me out! I wonder how much of that is mental and how much can be attributed to the nutrient-dense diet! Probably a lot of both 🙂


I went over budget about $15 as well.


Below are a couple of simple meals I’ve enjoyed, with photos attached.

Gmar chatima tova and thanks for the inspiration!




Swiss chard (organic, chopped & steamed)

Lentils (pre-cooked)

Sweet potato (organic, baked)

Cost= $2.75


Spaghetti squash (baked in half)

Diced canned tomatoes (organic)

Basil (from the garden)

Drizzle of olive oil

Cost=$1.70 per person per meal; 1 squash could make 3-4 meals


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