Arielle in 5778

Hi cleanse world –

I am feeling SO appreciative of you all to take on this yearly challenge with me. It’s cyclical, it’s rejuvenating, and it comes at the perfect time every year. Time to reset, question my habits, and create new rituals. I love that no matter where we are in the world we can make changes in our little lives and share them. It makes me feel powerful!
Are you incorporating new habits or foods into your diet during these 10 days?
Here are some things I’m making this week:
  • Pickled eggplants — This was a very successful experiment!! Recipe on the blog soon.
Inline image 2
  • Hot and sour pickles
Inline image 1
  • This funny pumpkin…
Inline image 1
  • Became this roasted pumpkin that I’m putting on everything.
Inline image 2
My plan is to make some buckwheat granola, and use a fruit puree in place of whatever sweetener would normally be added. I’ll send an update once I’ve tried it out…
If you’re not sure what to cook up, consult our Recipes page. Craving something sweet? Try Shaina’s Raw Fudge Truffles.
Today, we’re challenging you to take 5 minutes and call your representative about something that’s important to you. This website,, has everything you need to do that – a list of timely issues, contact info for YOUR rep (in the US), and a call script. I already called Representative Issa to urge a hurricane relief bill for citizens in Puerto Rico and the USVI.
Let us know what you’re eating, what you’re feeling.

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