Cleanse 5780 – switching it up


Many of you are familiar with the cleanse. It’s our annual ten day challenge, kitchen-centered, where we reflect and reset. It’s back, and it’s turned a corner.

No food restrictions, no long lists of grains and guidelines and go-arounds. This year it’s simple. One rule for ten days:

No food in single-use plastic containers

We’ll be impacting our food choices by moving environmental concerns to the fore.

As always, our cleanse begins at Rosh Hashana and ends at Yom Kippur, a ten-day stretch from Sept 29- Oct 9

Together we will challenge ourselves by only purchasing food that is sold in containers other than single-use plastics. We’ll make judicious use of our local bulk bins, glass containers, and bags from home. Some of you are more familiar with this idea than others. Check out our old faithful blog for tips on how to swap your ziplocks for cloth sacks, squeeze bottles for glass jars.

As always, we encourage you to send us your reflections and ideas for inspiration. With your permission, we’ll post them to the blog. We’ll also post a compilation of resources about climate activism.

For every plastic container – bags, tupperware, bottles – that you use during this time, we ask you to make a donation of $5 (or an amount of your choosing) to the Sunrise Movement. We’re inspired by the young people leading the way towards a better world. Please let us know how much you’ve donated as we have a generous donor who’s agreed to double your donation at the end of the cleanse.

Please let us know if you’d like to join – you’ll get a few emails from us over the ten day challenge, and that’s it.


Arielle and Shaina



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