Use less, use better, change systems

A few months ago, good friend Laura Klivans hosted a “let’s talk climate change” dinner. In the invitation she wrote: “The urgency to do something, or feel like I’m doing all I can, has only increased through the years, and it’s grown tenfold since Baby Sam entered the picture. As Bill says, now we really have skin in the game. But I often feel powerless in the actions we can individually take.”

I also feel a growing powerlessness when I think about the environmental crisis we’re witnessing.  Sometimes the feeling is so overwhelming I want to throw the towel in completely and straight up wipe my face with a paper napkin. So meeting with friends over pizza to brainstorm ways to individually and collectively do something to mitigate the effects of global warming felt productive and also comforting. Here’s a list of things we came up with at dinner:

Use Less (not useless!)

  1. Compostable diapers

  2. Buy less shit/No new stuff/No new baby stuff

  3. Eat less meat + talk to people about it

  4. My 2019 NY resolution is no online shopping, especially no Amazon

  5. Take my next vacation locally

  6. Out with the single use plastic – everything like deodorant to on the go water.

Use Better

  1. Buy an electric car next time I buy a car

  2. Become a biking family

  3. Do some sort of carbon footprint offset for each mile of flights I take (maybe donating?)/Family carbon offsets

  4. Pay attention to which companies are leading in terms of climate action, support them with consumer dollars and social media

Create Better Culture

  1. Keep your eye on the ball

  2. Creating and sustaining larger platforms for kids to have a vote in climate choices that impact them

  3. Keep talking with my community about these issues

  4. Raise awareness

  5. Read more – headlines often scare me too much, then I assume the worst. The content of the article though is more nuanced than the headline.

  6. De-politicize climate change in any way possible, to make it an issue impacting us all

Create Better Policy

  1. Elect leaders with clean climate policy vision

  2. Donate and volunteer to win state and national elections

  3. Educate myself about the state and local challenges/issues re: energy and water. Vote, donate, advocate for climate-smart solutions

  4. Find ways to implement the carbon tax

  5. Get involved with housing fights (climate change isn’t an isolated issue)

  6. Citizen’s climate lobby:


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