How do I do this?

Some handy FAQs for ten days of food free of single-use plastics

  • Help – no bulk bins near me
  • What about plastic Tupperware that’s already in my house?
    • This is allowed. If you regularly reuse it, carry on. We suggest not acquiring any new ones during this time though.
  • What about the little piece of plastic holding the bunch of bananas together?
    • A 2inplastic piece can be permissible if you feel you need it. For example, a box of pasta with a clear plastic window, or a twisty-tie that’s holding together a bunch of kale or a head of lettuce in your produce aisle
  • What about plastic for non-food use, like holding sweaty exercise clothes?

    [my spice setup – my grocery store has a bulk spices section]

    • This challenge pertains to food-related single-use plastics, but we encourage you to pledge $1 to Sunrise when you use it anyway. Put your sweaty clothes in a cloth bag and then wash them all together.
  • What do I do without plastic bags?
    • There are great cloth tote bags that are reusable and, unlike plastic, you can throw them in the wash between uses. Don’t forget to bring other lightweight bags to the store to fill in the bulk section when you go to the store. Keep bags and jars in your car.
  • Cans aren’t plastic, but they are single use? Are they ok?
    • Cans are okay, aluminum is still recyclable!

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