A poem

by FMT

I’m frustrated
And it’s only just morning

This stupid creamer
In its single use shiny case
I guess I’m drinking black coffee

And what about burritos
Salsa, does that count as one or two?
This burrito just got crazy expensive

And candy
And to-go containers
And rice
And bread
And tofu
And chicken
And hummus
And bagels
And Mayo
And cheese
And yogurt
And chips

Jesus, do I not get to eat chips anymore?
But what’s the point, without salsa


And everywhere I turn
I’m wrapped in plastic
Suffocating, even

But just in my mind
Not literally suffocating
Or starving
Due to my choices
Unlike some creatures
Who get no choice
And end up choking on my plastic

And the realization
these systems
Are set up to be
On our wallets
our conscious
Our choices

And it’s inevitable
All this use
So what’s the point?
Awareness that leads to frustration
Awareness that leads to helplessness
Awareness that leads to

Stubbornly small
Having the conversation
with a confused business owner
the butcher
your friend

Having the conversation with your family
Who think you’re some insane liberal
Maybe they’re right

None of this is natural
It was all made up as went
It’s not gravity or love

So logically

We made this
These systems
These products
These were not here
They do not HAVE TO be here


About airgolden

I fill jars and I empty jars.
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