Seedy Berry Oats

Yet another pink go-to bfast.

In addition to making at home, you can also throw the ingredients into a container and add water+microwave when you get to work or wherever you go in the mornings. The recipe below is for one serving, prepped on the stovetop.

-1/2 c rolled oats $0.10

-1.25 c water

-1 tbsp poppy seeds $0.05

-1/4 cup berries (more or less, to taste) – I used some strawberries that I had pureed and frozen into ice cubes [free for me since I got the strawberries from a friend]

-pinch of salt $0.03

-pinch of cinnamon $0.03

-sprinkle of pepitas $0.30

-dollop Stonyfield organic plain yogurt $0.50


Method: Combine all ingredients in a small pan besides the yogurt. Heat over medium heat until well combined and the berries break down (~5 minutes). Remove from heat, stir in the yogurt, and enjoy.



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